South-East Queensland

We’ve been conducting citizen science activities in South East Queensland (SEQ) for over 10 years. The project was established in 2007 to monitor subtropical reef sites between the Gold Coast, Brisbane area and the Sunshine Coast.

South East Queensland (SEQ) is a transitional area where tropical, sub-tropical and temperate species all exist within the same habitat area. With pressures from a rapidly growing population, sedimentation from catchments, coastal development and climate change, this transitional area is gaining recognition as an important area to study and protect.

Through their reef monitoring activities, our  volunteer citizen scientists provide invaluable information where there is currently a serious gap in the data; many of the sites Reef Check visits annually do not have regular long-term monitoring programs. Reef Check monitors more than 20 locations across the Sunshine Coast, Moreton Bay/Quandamooka and the Gold Coast.

You might be surprised about the amazing coral communities than can be found along the SEQ coast.