South-East Queensland Season Summary Report 2021-2022

November 30, 2022

Once again during 2021-2022 our teams battled unfavourable weather conditions this season, including some major flooding which saw large amounts of debris washed into our oceans and increased sediment load and reduced visibility. This report presents a summary of the findings for surveys conducted in South East Queensland (SEQ) during the season.  Our amazing volunteers monitored a total of 30 locations on 18 different reefs, which included survey sites ranging from Mudjimba Island on the Sunshine Coast to Cook Island south of the Gold Coast.  Of these 30 locations, 2 reefs were surveyed twice annually (Mud Island – Coral Galore and Rubble Patch), all remaining sites were only surveyed once. Green Island and St Helena Island are typically surveyed twice annually, however the flood event this year prevented the summer surveys from taking place. 12,000m2 of reef habitat was surveyed in total during the 2021-2022 season (where one survey covers 400m2), resulting in more than 4800 pieces of substrate data collected, and more than 1,440 hours donated by trained volunteers. For more information check out our report SEQ Season Summary Report 2021-2022

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