Who we are

Reef Check Australia is an innovative citizen science focused charity dedicated to educating and empowering community volunteers to better understand, appreciate and protect oceans and marine environments.

We help people help reefs by providing the tools for the community to take positive action for our reefs. Through our network of volunteers, we engage in citizen science, connect people with reef science, and undertake local conservation projects.


We create opportunities for people and communities to be agents for measurable and positive change to protect reef health.


We provide citizen science training, resources and networks to help communities collect and share reef health data at local, national and global scales.


We connect people with reef science by providing accessible, accurate and unbiased information to support informed and engaged reef champions.

Why our work matters

Reef Check exists because the scale of monitoring and action required to help look out for reefs called for a network of local people united on a global scale. In 1999, the first ever global Reef Check survey into coral reef health showed the power of community involvement with scientific studies – better known as citizen science! It also shed light on the extent of human impact on reefs around the world.

Reef Check Australia has been helping people to help reefs since 2001. Our programs offer a platform to bring together science, community and positive local action. 

Reefs are under threat, but we also know they are amazingly resilient systems and, with suitable management and protection, we can support resilient reefs into the future. 

We have a window of opportunity to take strong action. Action must happen on every scale – local, regional, national and global. We believe communities play a critical role in this process. Now is the time to act together to save our reefs.

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Our Principles

RCA is an inclusive citizen science organisation. Our primary purpose is to empower communities to support healthy reefs through hands-on reef research, education and practical conservation.