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Reef Check Australia believes in protecting reefs and oceans by empowering people.  We are an innovative environmental charity dedicated to engaging the community in hands-on reef research, education and conservation.


Seeking Reef Ambassadors for Sunshine Coast!

We are seeking outstanding individuals to be reef role models who help lead a movement of understanding, appreciation and positive action for reefs in 2018! Receive training in reef ecology, communications and behaviour change principles, plus be part of an awesome community. Applications clsoe soon! 

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Action of the month

Each month in 2018 Reef Check Australia will suggest an action you can take to help our reefs and raise awareness about the Third International Year of the Reef (IYOR).

In March, let's leave everyone in the dark for our March Action of the Month and switch it off for Earth Hour 2018.

Millions of people around the world take part in Earth Hour every year, but with 2018 being the third International Year of the Reef (IYOR) it's more important than ever to remind people how their energy use impacts on our reefs and oceans. 

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International Year of the Reef

2018 is the third International Year of the Reef, bringing focus to initiatives that engage people around the world in understanding, appreciating and protecting reefs. 

We've got big plans for 2018 and you can help! 

  • Surveying and reporting on 100 reef sites
  • Launching Reef Ambassadors on the Sunshine Coast
  • Building on Reef Ambassador programs in Brisbane and Townsville
  • Releasing a series of Ocean Action Kits to help you do more great work for oceans
  • Launching a new website to make it easier for you to join us on the journey



2017 achievements

Reef Check Australia 2017


Flinders Reefs photo coffee table books!

Dont miss out on this limited edition coffee table book featuring 300+splendid photos, dive site maps and stories about Flinders Reef., Moreton Bay/Quandamooka. Created and donated by the awesome crew at the UniDive, book sales all go back to supporting Reef Check programs! 

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Everyone can get involved - in or out of the water: