Adopt a Reef

Reef Check Australia’s Adopt a Reef program gives you the opportunity to be a part of our citizen science movement for Australian reefs, while offering a great gift for a loved one (or for yourself!).

Reefs aren’t only beautiful places for us to visit, they are also an essential ocean habitat. They harbour incredible biodiversity, protect our shorelines, provide invaluable medical resources and contribute billions of dollars of value for the economy. And they’re in trouble.

Reefs are under pressure and many areas are declining throughout the world – including in Australia. Action for our reefs is urgently needed – we have a window of opportunity to make a difference.

Reef Check Australia is dedicated to helping to protect our reefs and oceans by engaging the community in hands-on reef research, education and conservation.

Please Adopt a Reef today and help us in our important work to protect them. Your $150 adoption fee helps support amazing citizen science teams out in your chosen region to monitor the reef and share essential information with communities, researchers and governments.

Of course we can’t send you an actual reef (sorry)! But as part of your adoption pack, you’ll receive a certificate of adoption from your chosen region, some awesome stickers, and if you are in Australia, a Reef Check Australia tote bag (due to excessive international postage charges we can't include a Tote bag for international purchases). Plus, that warm fuzzy feeling of supporting great work!

If you would like to make your adoption a gift, just let us know the name you would like us to put on the certificate.

Adopt a Reef - Great Barrier Reef

This World Heritage Listed Area is a life force for many of those living in the 2300km of coastline that it borders. A “must see” for many of us ocean-lovers, there are over 2,900 individual reefs to choose from – Moore Reef, just off the coast of Cairns is just one of them!
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Adopt A Reef - South East Queensland

Many people are unaware of the incredible subtropical coral communities that exist in South East Queensland. One of these amazing ecosystems which Reef Check Australia works to protect is Flinders Reef - a stunning mecca of marine life nestled just north of Moreton Island.
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Adopt a Reef - Ningaloo

Did you know that Australia’s largest fringing coral reef is actually in Western Australia? Help us build a locally-based citizen science program here by Adopt a Reef Site today!
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