Adopt a Reef - Ningaloo

Did you know that Australia’s largest fringing coral reef is actually in Western Australia?  There is an astonishing diversity of marine life relying on the Ningaloo Marine Park reefs – including over 700 species of fish.

You only need to step off the beach at sites like Oyster Stacks to find a living reef fringing the coastline, with the chance to spot fish and even turtles in the shallows. Widely known for the chance of seeing whale sharks several months a year, the Ningaloo Marine Park is also home to dolphins, dugongs and a resident population of manta rays. 

Reef Check Australia has been working with regional partners including Cape Conservation Group, to build a locally-based reef citizen science program in the Ningaloo Coast World Heritage Area since 2013. 

Now we're looking to build a locally based project hub in Exmouth. And we've got some momentum--we have a volunteer local project officer helping to lead the charge, support from amazing science and management partners, and a keen crew of trained surveyors. This project will support reef and social science projects that fill critical gaps to help look after Ningaloo's wild west coast reefs and iconic wildlife. 

We need your help to make it happen. Adopt a Reef in Ningaloo today.