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We believe it is critical to empower our future reef leaders with the skills, knowledge and capacity to take part in environmental decision-making and conservation.

Our Reef IQ Educational Program provides a range of interactive learning experiences for school students and young people in order to increase their knowledge, appreciation and conservation of coral reefs. 

The program includes modules that are completely classroom based allowing students to undertake simulated coral reef surveys in an indoor environment. 

Teachers are amazing... and busy! Teachers can now download the complete education program FOR FREE! Yippee!

To make it a little easier for teachers to integrate educational content, Reef IQ resources were developed to bring reefs to the classroom for Years 4-7 (although some activities can be adapted for older or younger audiences).

Both courses contain suggested lesson plans with accompanying presentations, fact sheets and activities as well as curriculum links, and printable supporting resources. There are two educational modules:


1. Coral Reefs & Sustainability

This course focuses on finding out about coral reefs and the marine animals that inhabit them, exploring the coral reef ecosystem and the different roles of the varied coral reef creatures, and finishes by investigating the concept of sustainability encouraging students to carry out sustainable activities in the school, at home or in the community.

Presentation: Coral Reefs and their Marine Families

Presentation: Exploring Reef Food Webs

Classroom Activities


2. Classroom Monitoring for Management

This course explores coral reef management by investigating the threats to coral reefs, introducing students to coral reef monitoring (undertaking stimulated surveys of reefs in the classroom) and looking at ways we can help to protect them. This course encourages students to claim stewardship of Australia's reefs by engaging them in classroom surveys of real reefs using photocards.

Presentation: Coral Reef Detective

Presentation: Threats & Dangers to Coral Reefs

Classroom Activities


3. Ocean Action Kit & Pledges

Be an Ocean Action Agent & fight climate change. Find out different ways you can help the planet and work towards reducing your carbon footprint. Or take a pledge to make a promise with our ready-made Pledge Cards. Download the cards and info sheets below.

Ocean Action Kit:

Information sheet on pledges:

Pledge cards:


We've also got some useful handy reference fact sheets to help.