Adopt A Reef - South East Queensland

Many people are unaware of the incredible subtropical coral communities that exist in South East Queensland.

One of these amazing ecosystems which Reef Check Australia works to protect is Flinders Reef - a stunning mecca of marine life nestled just north of Moreton Island.

Home to an array of hard and soft coral and an abundance of marine life, Flinders Reef is a shining example of the tropical, sub-tropical and temperate species that can exist within a single habitat. Amongst the commonly spotted animals at Flinders are green sea turtles getting a scrub down by algae grazing surgeon fish at the busy turtle cleaning station. On a recent monitoring visit, the team spotted a large three flippered turtle, who they nicknamed Terry, cruising around the area. We’ll be keeping a lookout for him in the future!!

Reef Check has been monitoring this site since 2007, helping to record long-term data on this unique location.

By adopting a South East Queensland Reef, you’ll be helping Reef Check Australia to continue visiting our long-term reef sites and help protect the essential ecosystems that are home to countless marine animals just like Terry.