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December 17, 2019

Ever thought about getting more involved with Reef Check Australia? Check out these testimonials below about what it's like to get active for our reefs and oceans!:-


Whitsunday SCUBA Surveyor Training Testimonials

I took the Reef Check Australia surveyor course with Jodi in 2019. As an environmental sciences student, I was interested in helping out with conservation efforts and monitoring of reef health. The course really helped me to identify various reef impacts, invertebrates and substrates. I had good fish identification skills prior to the course, but the content that Jodi provided really helped open my eyes to reef health and being able to differentiate between things such as coral disease and different forms of bleaching.

Jodi’s enthusiasm and knowledge made the course a really enjoyable experience. Since taking the course, I’ve recommended it to many other divers and science students and plan on conducting reef surveys when I return to Queensland.

Dave Charlton






I took the Reef Check surveyor course with Jodie in 2019 in the Whitsundays. I’ve always had a passion for diving and always wanted to understand more about coral reefs systems, the various challenges they face and what conservation efforts we can make to get more involved.

Also living in the Whitsundays for around 5 years I was keen to see how some of the popular dive sites have recovered since cyclone Debbie in March 2017. The course was really enjoyable and being able to identify reef health, coral disease and keystone invertebrates was very rewarding and has taken diving to a new level for me. I found Jodi very enthusiastic and she clearly had a passion for reef health and conversation. I've since recommended it to fellow divers in the Whitsundays. I have completed Reef Check dives since in the Whitsundays and I will be 100% doing more in different locations when possible.

Ben Corbishley




A Volunteer Snapshot  

I’ve been part of the amazing Reef Check family since 2018, as an enthusiastic Italian scientific diver. My passion for the tropical environment and conservation have taken me to Australia to study the Great Barrier Reef. I took part in several projects both in Italy and Australia and the methodologies are different based on vastly different marine habitats.

I was very lucky to visit several reefs and also collect RCA survey data from a range of locations, including nearshore fringing coral reefs at Magnetic and Hook Island and outer reefs including John Brewer reef and Lodestone reef. I was also able to participate in the ReefClean initiative at Hinchinbrook and Hook Island. (ReefClean is funded by the Australian Department of the Environment and Energy's Reef Trust and delivered by Tangaroa Blue and a number of partner organisations including Reef Check Australia.)


Clean Up event. Photo by Gemma Molinaro

Although the Mediterranean Sea and the Great Barrier Reef are two very different ecosystems, with different impacts and threats, I've found that Reef Check affiliates around the globe have the same drive and passion, along with dedicated volunteers helping collect data and protect the natural environment. Empowering people to take care of our oceans and help reduce the pressures our marine environments face to provide a better outlook into the future.

Susanna Primavesi


RCA survey and underwater clean up. Photo by Jenni Calcraft and Gemma Molinaro



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