Reef Monitoring

We've worked with regional science, management and community partners to identify priority monitoring locations.

Oyster Stacks is a popular and highly-accessible fringing reef location within the Ningaloo Reef Marine Park and adjacent to Cape Range National Park. There are concerns that heavy periods of visitation to this beautiful coastal area and the very near-shore fringing reef may be resulting in unintended impacts such as coral breakage through concentrated holiday-period use by locals and visitors. We've set up multiple survey areas across this site to help investigate this question. We also have sites at less frequented South Mandu. 

We're also looking at exploring some of the social dimensions, with a proposed project to train and coordinate local community volunteers to help support social science research at Oyster Stacks. This would include visitor studies and questionnaires, reef education and tips on how to responsibly snorkel at the location. 


Questing for details?

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