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What YOU Can Do!

Want to be a part of the action? There are plenty of ways that you can help! From simple activities at home, to taking part in local events such as clean ups, the following groups offer innovative ways for you to get involved.

Reef Check Australia- we run several clean up events both on land and in the water! Keep an eye on our website for events near you, or sign up to our newsletter, to keep you in the loop. We also have a help reefs from home
 section, so have a look at some simple ways of how you can help protect our reefs and oceans from home. (http://www.reefcheckaustralia.org/help-reefs-from-home.html) 

Earth First is a sweet little website that illustrates thousands of simple ways that you can help our reefs and oceans from home! Simple activities you can participate in at work, at home, and in your community. It is your green-guide for a healthy life and healthy world.

Take 3 is a group with a simple yet effective message- whenever you are out and about, or near the beach or waterways, take three pieces of rubbish away with you, and you have made a difference! Check out their ‘bag monster' who can often be found around Sydney's local beaches, spreading their clean beach message. Imagine what would happen if everyone took 3!

The Surfrider Foundation Australia offers a variety of information on its website including local clean up events in action around Australia. There are chapters all over Australia, and throughout the world- so they're a great way to see what activities are happening near you. For additional information check out their rise against plastics campaign.

The Clean up Australia website has a plethora of fact sheets about all types of debris. The site lists a variety of clean up and recycling initiatives, as well as results and reports from previous clean ups. They are also a great resource to help you to set up your own clean up event, if you want to take a more active role!

Currently based out of Port Douglas, the Tangaroa Blue Care Society was set up to create awareness of marine environmental and conservation issues in order to help protect oceans. They frequently have a number of clean up activities on the go around the country. They have great information about marine debris, with downloadable materials such as the Marine Debris Identification Manual, as well as data sheets, for clean up activities. Data collected from clean ups is uploaded into their database, which is accessible to governing bodies around the country. Check out their website for how you can get involved in events near you. 

Are you ‘appy’? There are a variety of apps available for smart phones that allow you to use the built in GPS system of your phone to document marine debris, and animals affected by it. Check out GBRMPA's sighting network app coming soon! Great for documenting animal sightings and strandings.

The Clean Up Australia Day iPhone app is another cool app that is encouraging tech-savvy volunteers to share their experiences online and encourage other Australians to do their bit for the nation's largest community participation event. The app's features allow users to find their nearest Clean Up Site, share photos and results through email and social media platforms, and view the results of last year's Clean Up Australia Day Rubbish Report at the touch of their finger tips.