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Reef Check Australia offers a number of ways for communities to help look after our reefs. We hope that encouraging more people to participate in our citizen science projects and hands-on activities will increase general awareness of the threats facing reefs and the importance of environmental conservation and inspire action to address some of our environmental challenges. We aim to foster amongst the Australian population a genuine sense of collective stewardship of Australia's reefs.


Read about some of our events so far in 2016, catch up on our recent newsletters, and sign up for our upcoming newsletters. Don't forget to also check out our events calendar to see what's next!What's coming up


See our 2015 year in review highlights here.

Feel free to contact us for data from 2015. You can also catch up on our publications in the meantime!2015 data


We love growing from comunity support, sponsors and volunteers, but this development also comes from an amazing past. Check out our accomplishments from 2013-14, and continue to watch us grow through the links above.

summary of 2012-2013 activities


2013/14 Annual report



Reef Check Surveys: Our Reef Check surveys cover more than 60 priority monitoring sites along the Queensland coast, and in 2013 we expanded to the Ningaloo Coast, Western Australia. Our volunteer teams access reef locations through partnerships with reef tourism operators to collect globally standardised reef health data with local, regional and global applications. 

Data reports: Find out more about what our surveyors see on our Reef Health Database or in our season summary reports. We also participate in meetings, workshops and conferences.

REEFSearch: Our community reef identification and observation program is Reef Check 101, an introduction to reef ecology and observation for any snorkeller, SCUBA diver and reef walker. Don't just look... search! Help contribute your findings and photos from any reef through our online REEFSearch Hub!



Volunteer training: Our globally-accredited training program provides our volunteers with the knowledge and techniques they need to gather high quality data that is useful to reef managers. 

REEFSearch Schools: Our REEFSearch marine education kit is a great way to bring reefs to the classroom. 

Reef IQ: We have plenty of ways to learn more about reefs and why they matter! Our education program for children, Reef IQ, includes course materials, workshops and fun activities using coral reefs as a vehicle to encourage sustainable practices amongst young people to protect the environment as a whole. By educating children today, we hope to combat the causes of reef degradation for tomorrow. 

REEFSearch Field Kit: If you want to better understand the reefs you visit and share the information you collect? Become a REEFSearcher!



We think EVERYONE can get involved in protecting our reefs. While our reef monitoring activities are at the heart of what we do, it takes more than data to save a reef.

Help Reefs from Home: There is power in our choices. Take a minute to think about how you can help a reef today, without even leaving home. 

Coastal & Underwater Clean Ups: We regularly run collaborative coastal and underwater clean ups to help address the persistent issue of marine debris, which causes countless problems for the oceans and their inhabitants.