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Empowering people to save our reefs and oceans

We love our volunteers!

We have hundreds of people that are committed to helping Reef Check Australia save the reefs and oceans. Our volunteer network is supported by a small team of part time staff, dedicated to helping build a network of volunteers and partners to do awesome work for our oceans.

Everyone else is a volunteer: Board members, graphic designers, educators, surveyors, Ambassadors... you name it.  

We never cease to be amazed by all of you out there donating your unqiue skills, energy and time to this work. You rock and we couldn't do this without you. 


 Check out our "Salute to Survey Volunteers" photo gallery:Photo gallery >


Join the Reef-minded movement

There are a huge range of skill sets and volunteer roles to ensure Reef Check works.  There is always plenty to do and we truly appreciate the people who help us do the work in the field, at events and behind the scenes. 

In the office

We regularly offer opportunities for students and professionals to further develop and/or apply their skills by signing on for a Volunteer Placement opportunity.

Please note that due to our small office and limited resources, we typically only accept volunteer placements for a minimum of 3 months, unless we have advertised for a help with a specific, one-off project. 

Currently, we are seeking help with:

  • Fundraising
  • Education
  • Video production
  • Volunteer social engagement

If you are interested in finding out more about these opportunities, then please fill out an Expression of Interest form and email through a copy of your CV or resume.

expression of interest

In your community

This movement for healthy reefs also includes our ocean agents, inspiting change for our refes and oceans everyday by sharing knowledge and passion in your communities. Keep the message spreading.


In the ocean

Want to get involved in survey programs? 


Find out more!

Want to expand your knowledge about the reef and Reef Check? Check out these resources:EXPAND YOUR KNOWLEDGE


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