Survey Says.....That's a Wrap!

October 02, 2019


Reef Check's Gold coast surveys are now complete for the 2018-2019 season!

The weather put on a show, allowing our reef health monitoring team to get out and complete the last survey of the Gold Coast survey season.




Narrowneck is an artificial reef off the northern end of the Gold Coast. The site is characterised by high cover of macro algae and lots of fish life. The site is sensitive to wave action due to its proximity to the shore and the surf zone, but forms an important part of the reef structures within the Gold Coast area, so is super interesting to monitor as a part of our long term reef health monitoring in the area!


Again the team found themslves surrounded by dolphins and whales - what a day to be out and about!

On the way out to the site they also came across a balloon just floating out to sea. They managed to get it and dispose of it safely. It was however a reminder that there are alternatives to balloons, and that we can all choose to look after our wildlife and say no to balloons!





Thanks to Gold Coast Dive Adventures for getting us to the site. The Gold Coast reef health monitoring program is made possible through support from the City of Gold Coast.

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