Surf for the Reef!

July 02, 2018

We have a winner!

The surfboard raffle was drawn on 2 July and we're thrilled to say a big congratulations to Chris Doropoulos! Check out the handover video

Huge thank you to Reef Ambassador Tania Kenyon. Tania coordinated this campaign to raise funds to support our work and give back to future Layne Beachley Foundation Aim for the Stars leadership program scholarship winners.

As part of her Layne Beachley Aim for the Stars Foundation leadership scholarship and as one of our power house outreach volunteers, she put a tremendous effort into coordinating a raffle of a completely one-of-a-kind and rather epic Tree to Sea Australia timber surf board signed by surf legend herself, Layne Beachley.

It is a time when we truly need more people empowered to look after our reefs and oceans and Tania's awesome fundraising efforts will help inspire more reef champions. Since April, our dedicated volunteers have been promoting the raffle and selling tickets at various events and festivals around Brisbane, raising $4,733 for Reef Check Australia and the Layne Beachley Foundation. 

Reef Check Australia will receive 70% of the proceeds, and will put the funds toward citizen science and Reef Ambassador outreach activities. The Layne Beachley Foundation will dedicate the funds to recipients of ‘Aim for the Stars’ scholarships, for women striving towards their dreams in a variety of fields.

Tania Kenyon, raffle organizer and Reef Check Australia Ambassador, who has been volunteering for Reef Check Australia since 2015, was extremely happy at the outcome. “I feel so good that I was able to give to a group like Reef Check Australia, that is dear to my heart and who’s work is so in line with my passions and ambitions. And that I could give back to the Layne Beachley Foundation, to support more aspiring young women. I’m also humbled at how much the community and my networks got behind what I was doing and showed so much positivity around the raffle – thank you!”

We are very grateful to ‘Tree to Sea Australia’ for donating the beautiful surfboard, and of course to everyone that bought a ticket in the raffle. You are true ocean heroes!

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