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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

WHO IS AN OCEAN HERO?: Ocean Heros are community members in the Sunshine Coast region who have demonstrated a commitment to protecting reefs and oceans from the period of 1958-2017. Let us know how the nominee has made a difference for the Sunshine Coast marine environment through RESEARCH, EDUCATION and/OR CONSERVATION. 

HOW ARE SELECTED NOMINEES ACKNOWLEDGED?: Photos of the selected 50 Ocean Hero nominees will be included in an art installation by artist Awkward Chat to be on display at the 2017 Caloundra Music Festival. Nominees may also be used for promotion and publicity by Reef Check Australia. 

SELECTION: The selection decision will be final and no communication will be entered into regarding the award judging.

PHOTO SIZE: To check if your photo is 2000 pixles DPI, right-click on the file name > Properties > Details. You'll see the DPI in the Image section labelled Horizontal Resolution and Vertical Resolution. Photographs must be provided in .jpg, .gif or .png format. 

WHEN DO NOMINATIONS CLOSE?: Nominations will close at midnight on August 18, 2017.


This project is supported through Sunshine Coast Council as part of 50th Anniversary of the Naming of the Sunshine Coast celebrations.