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Flinders: A coffee table book about Flinders Reef, Moreton Bay

Price: $42.00

In 2017, Volunteers from The University of Queensland Underwater club UniDive conducted an ecological assessment of Flinders Reef, north of Moreton Island.

This beautiful coffee table book, with more than 300 local image, shares the flora and fauna, dive site maps, and ways we can help help look after this unique gem.

We only have 100 of these beautiful books for sale, so don't miss out!

Project details: https://www.unidive.org/unidive-projects/frea/

This includes shipping & handling costs inside Australia (not international--please email us seastore@reefcheckaustralia.org) If you want to buy a book in person, you can pop into our West End office and get a book for $30!