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Reef Check Shoot-Out! 

As part of our Snapshot of Moreton Bay event, Reef Check held a Snapshot Shoot-Out. Winner have been announced! Thanks to all of our photo contest participants--we loved to see how you captured Flinders Reef in your photos.

Categories included: Up close & personal (macro shots), Get the bigger picture (reef and scenery shots), Reef connections (shots of people and the reef) and Reef relief (reef health issues). 


Winner of Up Close & Personal: Wendy W, who wins 1 Sunday diving trip on 22 metre SUPERCAT (Diving), including 2 dives, buffet lunch, tanks and weights. Thanks to Nautilus Scuba Centre for the Great prize! 

Wendy says "I felt bad for waking him up but what a fantastic animal!"


Winner of Get the Bigger Picture: Brian S, who wins 1 Dolphin Wild Eco Tour (snorkelling)  Eco cruise on 22 metre SUPERCAT, includes all activities on the day - snorkelling, boomnetting  and buffet lunch. Thanks to Dolphin Wild for the great prize!

Brian says, "Despite less than average viz that day I did manage to come away with a few workable photos from my modest point and shoot. I love diving Flinders Reef because there are so may little nooks for critters to hide that you never quite know what you're going to find when you have a look inside. I came across this Crayfish under protective cover of a small rock-formed cave standing ominously over the empty shell of one of his mates. Typically timid this one instead started advancing towards me letting me know I wasn't welcome."


Winner of Reef Connections: Simone B, who wins a beautiful medium-sized whale bowl donated by artist Lindsay Muir. Thanks, Lindsay for your generous artwork donation! 

Simone says, "The reef and people photo shows how calm and peaceful scuba diving can be."


Winner of Reef Relief: Jody K., who wins a pack of reef-themed book from the Queensland Museum, including the super useful Wild Guide of Moreton Bay! Thanks to Gary Cranitch and the Queensland Museum for their donation. 

Jody says, "I took this photo of a gardener damselfish as it kept rushing towards me to chase me away from the patch where it tends algae.  Their farming activities affect the structure of the algal community on the reef. You can see these fish in numerous locations throughout Moreton Bay & this aggressive behaviour is normal as they defend their garden.   You can see from the image that it had come pretty close to me - and this little fella meant business!"