Site Selection & Access

Site selection

Survey sites are selected to be representative of the part of the reef and the scale of interest, also taking into considerations logistics and access. For 1 Reef Check survey our scale is small, and thus we interpret our data at the scale of a dive site. Where we are able to survey up to 3 Reef Check sites per location we are able to increase our confidence with interpretation to 1 km of reef.

Survey sites are not permanently marked, but are designed to be suitable as a representative location that can be visited year after year.  A system of GPS locations, maps, tide times and where feasible GPS tows helps teams return to as close as possible the the same site year after year. 

Site Access

We use a blend of approaches to help survey teams with minimum cost and maximum outcomes.

Many sites we visit are dive tourism locations and trip costs are supported through in-kind contributions of reduced cost boat trips from our Dive Industry Supporters. This approach lets us cut costs, check up on high-value tourism locations, and educate other reef visitors when our teams visit the reef.

We also charter vessels and organise speciality trips for locations that aren't visited through the tourism industry.