Rory Mulloy


Brisbane Project Coordinator (Tue & Fri)

Rory learned to dive while on a citizen science project in Tobago, conducting reef surveys shortly after a significant bleaching event. Despite the bleaching, the beauty of the reef and the lure of the underwater world was enough to drive Rory towards a career in marine conservation.

Since coming to Australia in 2014 Rory has conducted numerous expeditions to the Neptune Islands in South Australia, helping documentary makers, photographers and researchers record and study great white sharks. During his time in Australia he has assisted in tagging and data collection projects for white shark monitoring, and shark repellent studies. In 2017 Rory completed a Masters in Protected Area Management from James Cook University, which included a research project into shark repellents and shark management technologies.

In his work as marine biologist and diver Rory has participated in several expeditions to South America, the Arctic, and Antarctica to record the marine environment, and promote marine conservation.

Rory is incredibly proud to have joined Reef Check Australia, and to be part of a team working towards the protection of our reefs and marine environments.