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How to be a REEFSearcher 

Not quite sure where to get started? It's easy!

1. Take 10 minutes to watch our "How to be a REEFSearcher" video and you will be well on your way.

2. Visit our SeaStore to purchase YOUR REEFSearch Field Kit.

3. Get out there! Take 10 minutes to be a REEFSearcher on your next reef trip. 

4. Be sure to share what you find! Visit our online REEFSearch Hub to share your discoveries and photos. 

5. Check out our handy tips on how to share your REEFSearch findings on the Hub here

Learn more!

After delving into REEFSearch, we hope you are inspired to learn more about REEFSearch categories, why they matter and how YOU can help protect reefs. Check out some of the amazing resources out there in cyberspace to support your REEFSearch. 

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