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Reef Ambassador pilot program for Townsville

We are thrilled to expand this initiative with a pilot program to Townsville in 2017.  In mid March we were joined by an inspriing tribe of people motivated to share their knowledge and enthusiams to create a wave of positive change for our oceans. Be on the lookout for our new trained Reef Ambassador volunteers at upcoming local events!


First workshop

We spent 2 days talking science, communications and how we can boost our collective positive impact.

Through our two-day workshop, participants were introduced to reef ecology, the Reef Check Australia citizen science program and hands-on environmental education training. Reef Check Ambassadors are empowered to educate and inspire others about the reef at community events in and around the Townsville region.

This exciting new program continues to evolve--stay tuned for updates.

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Supported by

The 2016-17 Reef Ambassador program is supported through funding from Townsville City Council

Thank you to those who supported our first workshop, including CoralWatch, Reef Ecologic, Reef HQ and Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority