New & Noteworthy Publications

Reliability and utility of citizen science reef monitoring data collected by Reef Check Australia, 2002-2015 (2017) Terence Done, Chris Roelfsema, Andrew Harvey, Laura Schuller, Jocelyn Hill, Marie-Lise Schläppy, Alexandra Lea, Anne Bauer-Civiello, Jennifer Loder.

Making waves: Citizen science for impact. Marie-Lise Schläppy, Jennifer Loder, Jodi Salmond,Alexandra Lea, Angela J. Dean and Chris M. Roelfsema (2017). Front. Mar. Sci., 16 May 2017 |

Citizens & Reef Science: A Celebration of Reef Check Australia's volunteer reef monitoring, education and conservation programs 2001-2014. Volunteers, Staff and Supporters of Reef Check Australia (2015). Authors J. Loder,T. Done, A. Lea, A. Bauer, J. Salmond,J. Hill, L. Galway, E. Kovacs, J. Roberts,M. Walker, S. Mooney, A. Pribyl, M.L.Schläppy. Reef Check Foundation Ltd.