Our Approach

Action for our reefs is urgently needed. We have a window of opportunity to act on climate change, the largest threat to coral reefs around the world. This is going to require a movement of informed people taking action at many levels. We believe informed and empowered local communities have a key role to play in this movement.

It’s time to unite. Our approach is to collaborate with a range of partners, including tourism operators, environmental groups, schools, universities, government agencies, businesses, and individuals interested in marine conservation.

Reef Check provides a trusted and inclusive approach to engaging volunteers, collecting long-term reef health data, educating communities, and delivering on-ground action.

In order to improve the health of coral reefs, we need to understand how we're influencing reefs with our actions--both negative and positive. Then we need to build a movement of people that can help take positive action. 


Our robust citizen science program approach contributes to this mission by:


Building capacity for community to collect, understand, share and act on information about reef health


Providing locally relevant and globally comparable reef health data


Filling gaps in available monitoring data


Providing site-level reef health data on locations that matter to local communities



Sharing information that matters to communities in formats that are easy to understand 


Catalysing positive locally-based action for the reef