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The Power of Partnerships 

We believe collaboration multiplies results. We partner with other organisations on projects with practical on-ground marine outcomes.  


Clean Straddie Working Group

We are working to help facilitate an action-based project to address litter issues in Moreton Bay. The goal of the Clean Straddie Working Group is to work collaboratively to reduce waste, marine debris and pollution on North Stradbroke Island.

The partnership emerged out of a common ground to support a healthy environment for North Stradbroke Island. We plan to use clean up data to target coastal and marine debris hot-spots on the Island and address the key concerns through practical, community-based actions. 

Project Partners:

Project stories:

Clean Up Australia Day (2015)

Divers take to the sea for Amity clean up (2014)

Volunteers clean up Amity shoreline (2014)

Clean Straddie Infographic 2012-2015


Great Barrier Reef Citizen Science Alliance

Many citizen science groups are active on the Great Barrier Reef. In 2012, the Great Barrier Reef Foundation funded a Reef Citizen Science Scoping Study to improve understanding around this unique and growing field. The study identified the desire for greater exposure, engagement, and collaboration between citizen science groups and the broader community.

As such, the Great Barrier Reef Citizen Science Alliance was born to help build collaboration between citizen science groups, promote the credibility of citizen science, facilitate use of citizen science data by mangers and scientists and grow community awarness around citizen science initiatives who have active GBR projects. 



Healthy Waterways member (2012-present)

Australian Coral Reef Society Member (2011-present)

SEQ Catchments Members Association: Coastal & Marine (2013-present)

Steering committee for the Great Barrier Reef Citizen Science Alliance (2013-present)

Active member of the Citizen Science Network Australia (2014-present)