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Media Coverage 2017

May 30, 2018
Check out some of our media stories from 2017!   Citizen Scientists Nurture the Moreton Bay Hopespot (Aug 2017) Great Barrier Reef: How you can help stop a great catastophe (April 2017) Beneath the Surface Our Redlands Magazine (Autumn 2017) Check out Moreton Bay's coral reefs (February 2017) ABC Story: Moreton Bay coral discovery mapped out (January 2017)
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Reef Check at Australian Coral Reef Society Conference

May 20, 2018
  Our Ningaloo Project Officer volunteer, Gemma Francis, had the chance to present a poster on the evolution of the regional program at the Australian Coral Reef Society conference held in Exmouth in May 2018.  The poster gave a recap of our work in the region since 2013 and outlined proposed next steps. After 2 years of working with the amazing team at Cape Conservation Group, we have collectively decided that to provide sufficient support for volunteers and partners, a part-time paid coordinator role is critical to support a sustainable reef citizen science monitoring and outreach program for the Ningaloo Coast. At this stage we have currently submitted two grants and hoping to ready to share new plans later this year! The conference presented the perfect chance to connect and discuss plans with the local Exmouth and broader marine science community. Gemma said "It was an incredible event to attend and represent Reef Check. It was inspiring to be part of this scientific community and and great to see ongoing support for this growing project." The conference explored the effects of climate change, in particularly rising sea temperatures, and the monitoring, management strategies for existing coral ecosystems around Australia, with a focus on the Ningaloo region. 
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Magnetic Island Clean Up blitz

May 15, 2018
We teamed up with Tangaroa Blue Foundation and Reef Ecologic to host a series of cleanups on five beaches on Magnetic Island. Together, we cleaned Nelly, Rocky, Geoffrey, Alma & Horseshoe Bays.  More than 50 community members joined in to sort and report on clean up data and made environmental pledges to reduce waste. Was great to see peoples enthusiasm and dedication to reduce plastic pollution on Magnetic island beaches and care for the amazing natural environment! Special thanks to representatives of Fantasea Cruising Magnetic, Pleasure Divers Magnetic Island, Aquascene Charters & Reef HQ Great Barrier Reef Aquarium for getting involved too! This event was supported with funding from NQ Dry Tropics through the Australian Government National Landcare Programme
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Great Sandy 2017 report released

May 15, 2018
The results from the 2017 Great Sandy Survey Report are in!  The Great Sandy Marine Park hosts unique subtropical coral communities. In Queensland, inshore fringing reefs off the mainland coast is relatively unique. In June 2017, teams checked up on 5 long-term monitoring sites established in 2012 (Barolin Rocks, Burkitt’s Reef, Big Woody Island, ESA Park, Gatakers Reef West) and added an additional site at Round Island.  As per previous surveys, both monitoring sites in the Woongarra Coast region were dominated by soft coral, where as Hervey Bay sites had higher levels of hard coral. Coral bleaching was reported across all sites (average 18%) of the population.
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Kids in Action!

May 10, 2018
Kids in Action This May the Sunshine Coast Reef Check Australia team joined hundreds of Sunshine Coast school student, teachers and several local community groups as a part of the Kids in Action even.  The program brings schools together to explore local environmental issues and encourages kids to GET INVOLVED in citizen science in a hands on, in the field way!  Over 100 students joined the Reef Check Australia team to learn more about their local reef environments, and the simple ways that they can help from home. 
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Brisbane Reef Surveyors Get Trained Up!

April 13, 2018
  Congratulations to our new Brisbane Reef Check Surveyors! In challenging conditions over on Stradbroke Island, the team demonstrated their reef knowledge and survey skills over back-to-back practical dive sessions. Thanks to Ken from Point Lookout Scuba for looking after the team. Thanks also to Port of Brisbane for supporting this volunteer training course!   Our new surveyors are now eager to get out in the field and put their new skills into practice throughout the survey season!
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Reef 101 on the Sunshine Coast

April 10, 2018
With lots of training opportunities coming up on the Sunshine Coast for reef surveyors and ambassadors, we wanted to make sure we didn't leave out those people who want to learn a bit more about their local reefs and reef ecology but who might not have the time to commit to taking on an active role with RCA. Our half-day Reef 101 workshop provided locals with training in our REEFSearch identification and observation program. The workshop is designed to boost understanding and identification skills for reef ecology - so next time you're out on the reef you'll know exactly what you're looking at!You don't need any science experience - just an interest in protecting our reefs and oceans.  Here's what one of our participants had to say: "The Reef 101 Course was a fantastic learning opportunity for everyone involved! Jodi gave us a great introduction on reef ecology, in which we were able to compare different types of coral, substrates, invertebrates and their habitats. We also learnt how to use our reef ID kits in a practical exercise, to help us with determining signs of healthy vs unhealthy reefs and to identify areas affected by coral bleaching events. The group participating in the course were of different ages and levels of experience. Everyone seemed really enthused and ready to learn with a common interest of a love for our reefs and a focus on wanting to protect them.  Many of us did not realise just how incredible our local reefs are- right on our doorstep! This course has further encouraged us all to begin our journey as citizen scientists, helping to conduct valuable research at our local reef hotspots.   The Reef Check team are doing such amazing things for our oceans and are constantly educating us. By allowing us to become a part of the research process we are extremely lucky! Protect our reefs! So many of our amazing creatures and critters depend on them and it is impossible to imagine a world without them! "   Hayley Doblo (One Free Sea) This workshop was supported by the Sunshine Coast Council. 
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The Hackathon Report

April 08, 2018
Jules Lim, Reef Check Volunteer recently attended a "Hackathon" at the James Cook University Cairns Campus, hosted by Myriad. The aim was to bring scientists, industry experts, educators, community members and reef lovers together to collaborate on brainstorming solutions to problems faced by coral reefs. The specific problem for the day? Plastic pollution on the reef. Guest speakers included traditional owners, microplastics researchers, conservation campaigners and design thinkers .   Everyone was given a crash-course on 'How to Pitch' (in one minute!) before the main group splintered into smaller focus groups who then entered the Hackathon's three main phases of "Immersion", "Ideation" and "Delivery". The day culminated with each group presenting its idea to a panel of experts, who provided feedback, further tips and development ideas. Jules sums the Hackathon up as "a fun and experiential day spent in like-minded, inspiring company. I learnt how to truly submerge myself in a team-focused challenge in finding practical solutions to a multifaceted problem.If there ever was a time to formulate innovative ideas to help our coral reefs, it is now." 
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