Nathan Cook


Great Barrier Reef Project Coordinator - (Casual Hours)

Nathan Cook is an applied scientist and specialist in coral reef restoration and capacity building. He has been a passionate advocate for sustainability and stewardship in coral reef ecosystems in South East Asia and Australia for nearly 20 years.

A PADI Master Instructor with over 3500 dives, Nathan became a Reef Check Indo-Pacific Instructor trainer in 2013, pioneering an innovative coral reef conservation program in Thailand. Working with key partners, local community groups and large corporations, Nathan established conservation as a full time vocation building a team to deliver consistent reef based resilience projects. Workshops and training programs provided practical experience in addition to advice and guidance on financial sustainability and good governance. He has led and taught coral reef survey programs, practical coral reef conservation and marine resource management, and designed and implemented a range of experiential learning programs, including curricula focused on integrating the theory of marine management with active reef restoration techniques development and installation of coral nurseries and artificial reefs. He combines his skills and experience to pursue his passion for supporting developing countries in creating self-sustaining systems of conservation and preservation of their coral reef ecosystems.

His Masters in Marine Science is complemented by decades of practical experience in coral reef resilience assessments and restoration management. Combined with experience managing international conservation projects and his time as Manager within the Tourism & Stewardship section at the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority, Nathan has an exceptionally balanced range of experience in helping to support the health and resilience of coral reefs.