Nathan Caromel


Project Officer SE QLD (Volunteer)

Having grown up in New Caledonia, a small pacific island renowned for its lagoon and reefs, Nathan has always been passionate about the marine environment. He holds a bachelor of sciences with honours in biogeochemistry from Griffith University, and currently works as a Science Officer for the Department of Education. After graduating, he obtained his commercial diving licence and worked on a diverse range of marine science projects across Queensland, including shark migratory patterns, crustose coralline algae growth rate, corals trophodynamics, and sponge-microbe interactions.

Nathan joined Reef Check Australia in 2015. He has undertaken field activities, including SE QLD surveys, projects on Heron Island and reef habitat mapping in Moreton Bay and Great Sandy Strait. Nathan also helps to get the word out by participating in community engagement events across the region. Nathan enjoys sharing his passion with others and educating the community about the value of coral reefs and the crisis facing them.