Monica Silva Astorga


Communication Officer (Volunteer)

Monica always felt the need to cross The Andes Mountain range, and go out into the world to get to know other cultures. This affinity for travelling, led her to study journalism to follow her travel urge. She wasn't wrong, as when she finished university she studied in Barcelona, then continued her adventure in Italy.

On her return to Chile, she worked in corporate communications, where for 15 years, she worked with foreign companies as a communication consultant oversaw teams developing communication strategies, always empowering others.

But she knew that something was missing. After seeing a documentary called Before the Flood, Monica felt inspired to rethink climate change, realising that she needed to work and communicate to raise awareness for climate change.

So, when life gave her another opportunity to expand her vision of the world moving to Australia, one of the reasons to choose Queensland was to live near The Great Barrier Reef to dive. The first time she went there, she realised she needs to do something to help the reef health to survive. Finding Reef Check was a unique opportunity to immerse herself in the world of corals and make a difference.