Reef Ambassadors

We think the unique city reefs of Moreton Bay/Quandamooka are truly something to celebrate and protect. But these reefs are still a bit of a hidden secret that deserve to be celebrated, recognised and protected for all to enjoy. 

In late 2015, we put out a call for outstanding individuals to educate their community about all things reef and ocean in Moreton Bay. This was the launch of our first pilot Reef Ambassador program. We've been amazed.

We learned a few things along the way, adapted the program to further enhance how we support our Ambassadors to do great work in the community and the program continues to evolve.

Now, we've trained more than 40 Ambassadors and they're out in the community, inspiring more champions for our reefs. 


Latest initiatives:

  • We're currently undertaking a project with Dr Angela Dean from University of Queensland's Centre of Excellence for Environmental Decisions to tailor, implement and evaluate new communications approaches to help more people connect with the unique subtropical reef communities of Moreton Bay/Quandamooka. We're trialling new approaches and undertaking surveys with the people we chat to at community events to understand more about how people are connecting with information.
  • Our Ambassadors are fighting the good fight on single use plastic. We've joined forces with The Last Straw national campaign on single-use plastic straws and our Ambassadors are out there getting local businesses to kick the plastic habit.