Jody Kreuger

Dive Officer (Volunteer)

Jody is a PADI, DAN & SSI Dive Instructor with Commercial Scientific Diving experience. He holds a degree in Ecology and Environmental Science from the Queensland University of Technology, and presently works as a Boating and Diving Officer in Brisbane. Jody's work experience has included a wide range of marine research and conservation activities including whale, dolphin, dugong & shark monitoring projects in QLD and NT, reef fish surveys on the GBR, coral and seagrass monitoring projects within the GBR and sea water and marine sediment monitoring in the Arabian Gulf.

Jody spent over a decade supervising diving & boating activities and was the diving officer for the School of Marine Biology whilst employed at James Cook University, Townsville. It was here the Jody first became involved in ReefCheck Australia as a volunteer diver, carrying out surveys along the GBR. Jody moved to Brisbane in 2010 and became involved in the training of Scientific Divers at the University of Queensland and continued his involvement with RCA, carrying out surveys within the SEQ region. Jody is passionate about marine conservation and has a particular interest in coastal development and its impact on marine ecosystems.