Jodi Salmond


General Manager (Tue-Fri)

Jodi Salmond is a marine researcher specializing in citizen science, conservation biology and reef ecology. Under water, she trains divers in global reef health monitoring protocols; above it, she engages and inspires through hands on research, education, and personal development to encourage everyone to become the best versions of themselves and to look after the planet.

Jodi is an adventure junkie; an acrobat and lover of life.  She enjoys unique, immersive travel; her journeys leading to an adventurous outlook and MacGyver-like innovativeness. She leads by example; getting amongst the action to make things happen.

Jodi completed a BSc Honours in Marine Parasitology at JCU in Townsville, and has since worked throughout Australia and the world on a variety of marine science, conservation, and education programs.  Jodi started with Reef Check Australia as a volunteer Project Officer in 2010 and came aboard as staff in 2012 through a coveted placement with the Vodafone World of Difference program. She has won several awards for her work with Reef Check Australia, and most recently was awarded a spot on the Homeward Bound Leadership Program for 2020 as a part of Cohort 5. Jodi has been instrumental in developing and delivering school education programs, expanding community outreach efforts, training volunteers and coordinating reef survey projects along the length of the Queensland coast.