Jennifer Loder

Jenn has been working on environmental science, community engagement and science communication for more than a decade. Her previous role was as Reek Check Australia's Director of Programs and Partnerships. Her professional experience encompasses training volunteers to talk about everything from armadillos to zebras at the Smithsonian's National Zoo; launching science communication strategies for the Miami Museum of Science; investigating effective approaches to conservation behaviour change for local marine issues in South Florida and developing and implementing marine citizen science programs in Australia. Jenn holds a Graduate Diploma in Marine Biology from James Cook University and a Masters of Science in Environmental Science from Florida International University.

Inspired by her first Indo-Pacific experience in Palau, Jenn moved to Australia to pursue a career that unites science and education to protect our oceans and has been involved with Reef Check Australia since 2008. She successfully implemented the RCA subtropical rocky reef monitoring program in South East Queensland; seen the expansion of monitoring coverage to more than 40 new reef sites; managed of more than a million of project funds; developed citizen science training and data resources; expanded new partnership networks; and helped to launch REEFSearch to expand public participation opportunities. Jenn is also on the management committee for the Australian Citizen Science Association.