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As a not-for-profit organisation, we are funded wholly by grants and donations. Substantial in-kind support from industry partners helps us to run our successful projects, but it's member donations that enable us to run our office operations and support our volunteers. Any contribution you are able to make will take us that one step closer to achieving our mission.



Corporate partnership & sponsorship opportunities

If your company would be interested in partnership with Reef Check Australia, we offer a number of sponsorship opportunities to raise your corporate social responsibility profile, engage your staff and support great work.

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Visit our online Sea Store and browse our fun range of coral reef conservation merchandise. With underwater guides to marine life, stunning photograph prints and gifts for friends and family, there's something for everyone. We're adding to our stock all the time so come back again soon and view our new products.

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Buy GoodWill Wine!

Reef Check Australia has partnered with Goodwill Wines in a fundraising initiative with a difference.  Choose your favorite wine, choose Reef Check Australia as your wine label and charity of choice, and Goodwill Wine will donate a proportion of the profits to Reef Check Australia!  With a wide variety of delicious wines, everyone can enjoy their favorite drink whislt supporting on the ground activities with Reef Check Australia!

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