Heron Island Reef (Health) Check 2018!

April 09, 2019


We're proud to share the monitoring results from our 2018 Heron Island surveys in the newly released Reef Check Australia summary report. 

Reef Check Australia has been monitoring sites on Heron Island since 2011 and we continue to work with The University of Queensland’s Remote Sensing Research Centre on this project.



Here's a few titbits from the report to whet your coral appetite! - 

  • The total average hard coral cover recorder across all sites was 42%
  • Eight out of 15 sites had coral cover greater than 50%
  • Most sites had low levels of soft coral (eight out of 15 sites)
  • Coral bleaching was recorded on all sites, but in relatively low levels.


Thanks to The University of Queensland’s Remote Sensing Research Centre, Heron Island Research Station and Heron Island Resort for their in-kind support and advice.

And of course a massive thanks to the 2018 Heron Reef Research Team superstars - Chris Roelfsema, Douglas Stetner, Mitch Lyons, Emma Kennedy, Daniel Harris, Kat Markey, Josh Passenger, Eva Kovacs, Rodney Borrego, Jodi Salmond (who also supplied these awesome images) and Stuart Phinn.




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