How To

To learn more about how to participate please view the GNS Watch Volunteer Training Video and read the GNS Watch Methods Guide.

Step by Step

  1. Become a Reef Check Australia member and tick the box stating that you wish to participate in the Grey Nurse Shark Program (it's free).
  2. If possible nominate as a site custodian and select the site/s and survey period for which you hope to survey GNS (in this instance July/August 2017). If you are already a member you can click on the 'edit details' button and complete your nomination under the Grey Nurse Shark Watch section within edit details. This step is not compulsory but helps the GNSW team to seek coverage at key aggregation sites not yet nominated.
  3. View the GNS Watch Volunteer training video and/or peruse the GNS Watch methods manual (particularly pages: 8, 10, 11 & 12). 
  4. Carry out a visual count and photo-identification survey of GNS (i.e. dedicate one or more dives to counting and taking side on photographs of as many grey nurse sharks as possible during our July/August scheduled survey periods at any site in QLD or NSW where GNS may occur; as per the GNSW methods manual).
  5. Enter your survey data and upload your GNS images via the 'lodge a survey form' on the GNSW website.

Don't forget that a nil report (a completed survey where no sharks were observed/photographed) is still an important and valid survey.

For more information please register at Grey Nurse Shark Watch or email the GNS Watch team ([email protected]).