How you can help

Grey Nurse Shark Watch works because people like you share your sightings and photos to help track individuals and contribute to scientific understanding about this critically endangered species. 

To take a good identification photo. A great identification photo shows the shark from one side, or both sides and captures any unique features (like scars or fishing gear).


There are two main ways you can contribute to the program:

1. Report opportunistic encounters

Are you a diver or fisher who occasionally encounters grey nurse sharks? If you have a good quality side photo of any of these sharks, you can submit your sighting and/or photographs on line at any time during the year using a simple on-line form.

Please sign up as a member to be able to submit your data and photos.

2. Become a Site Custodian for scheduled surveys

Are you a regular diver-photographer who would like to become a site custodian? If so, nominate yourself as a site custodian! Site custodians that successfully carry out and upload their survey and photo details to our 'Lodge GNSW Survey' form on our website will be in the running to win some great prizes. 

First sign up as a member by providing your details, then indicate your nominated site and season.

Already a member? Login and then edit your member details to become a GNSW and/or nominate yourself as a site custodian.

Annual scheduled surveys:
Survey 1: January/February
Survey 2: July/August