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General Information

Marine debris continues to be one of the most significant threats facing marine animals, reefs, and ocean ecosystems. There are many excellent sites on the web offering information and activities relating to marine debris. Check out some of these sites for general information on marine debris, the problems associated with it, and the solutions.


The 5 gyres website is an easy to navigate site absolutely chock full of information addressing the problems and solutions relating to marine debris, and the accumulation of plastic debris in the five subtropical gyres currently found in our oceans.  Dedicated to understanding plastic pollution through exploration, education and action, this website is a great resource for comprehensive information.


 Follow the travels of The Plastiki- a boat made entirely from old plastic bottles- and learn about the effects on marine debris along the way.  This fantastic website has plenty of downloadable, colourful and fun materials, information on plastic issues, and interesting information on projects such as 'message in a bottle'.  


Project AWARE has an amazing array of educational materials available for download.  Full of up to date statistics, their informational sheets are colourful and fun, and illustrates the problems with marine debris with great illustrations.  They also demonstrate simple ways that you can get involved, and help.


United Nations Environment Program (UNEP). They have an amazingly comprehensive resource encompassing everything you could ever want to know about marine debris.  This downloadable booklet focuses on plastic, however it has ALOT of information.  So, if you want a bit of background reading, and you have some time, it is a great place to start.


The Bag It movie has become a worldwide phenomena, and is a great informational video about plastics, and its affect on the environment, as well as human health. The movie itself is a definite must see, however the site also offers educational resources and links to topics including marine debris, recycling and politics.

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