Reef monitoring


Partnering with local dive groups and industry partners, we have established a number of long term RCA monitoring sites on the Gold Coast, including sites at Gold Coast Seaway and Palm Beach Reef, where we have been active since 2007, along with sites at Wavebreak Island, narrowneck Artificial Reef, Kirra Reef & Cook Island.

The locations vary from sites heavily utilized for anthropogenic activities, in particular fishing, to extensive rocky reefs made up of numerous ridges and gullies which host a high number of benthic invertebrates, to the Narrowneck artificial reef which has a high cover of macro algae and lots of fish life.

A total of 8 Reef Check Australia survey sites are currently monitored in this region; building on data collected since 2007.  Check out our dive sites here.

Our data is shared with the community through our Reef Ambassador outreach program, through volunteers on the Gold Coast.