GBR 2018 season kicks off

March 10, 2018

After a big February of training the Great Barrier Reef survey team, we have kicked off the 2018 survey season up in Cairns and headed out with long-term industry champion Reef Magic Cruises to Marine World at Moore Reef to survey long-term sites. Our team was lucky enough to bump into big schools of Humphead Parrotfish.
The survey team then joined another long-term industry champion, Down Under Dive, to survey Saxon and Hasting reefs. Blessed with fantastic conditions they were able to survey both recent and historic sites and were very lucky to be visited by inquisitive hawksbill and green turtles. 
The team also visited new sites on Fitzroy Island to continue building coverage of reefs closer to the coast.

Our Cairns surveys activities in 2018 are supported by the Clarke's One for Tomorrow program and donations from people like you!


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