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Friends of Reef check

The following organisations continue to support and contribute to the success of Reef Check Australia and we are exceptionally grateful for their generous support.

Australian Marine Park Tourism Operators

AMPTO dive operators provide in kind berth space for the Great Barrier Reef Project surveys and training courses.


Australian Marine Conservation Society

Collaboration and promotion of marine conservation issue awareness including events and information materials.


Australian Underwater Federation

AUF members partner with Reef Check Australia through the Coral Trout Monitoring Program.



CapReef members partner with Reef Check Australia through the Coral Trout Monitoring Program.


Coral Identification and Capacity Building Program

Both working to help build skills for more people to engage in reef biology & monitoring, RCA supports the CICBP's Coral Finder program.



CoralWatch and Reef Check Australia aim to cross promote each other's monitoring programs and collaborate wherever possible.


Dive Voluntourism (DiVo)

Helping support opportunities for volunteers to participate in marine conservation activities


Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (GBRMPA)

GBRMPA is responsible for managing the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.


Global Coral Reef Monitoring Network

Reef Check Australia provides information to the Status of the Coral Reef Worlds Report.


Healthy Waterways

Have supported some of our community based clean ups.


JCU Dive Club

Provides in kind and reduced tanks and gear to Reef Check volunteer surveyors for surveys and training courses.



Provide information and identification of Nudibranchs seen on surveys.


Project AWARE

Helped to promote 2008 What do Coral Reefs Mean to You? Photography Competition and will help promote the Reef IQ Youth Education Program in 2009. Reef Check Australia also collaborates with CoralWatch which is supported by Project AWARE.


Reef Life Surveys

RLS is another volunteer based marine monitoring organisation where people can take their survey skills to the next level.


Tourism Queensland

Reef Check partnered with Tourism Queensland for the 'Best Expedition in the World' where Reef Check's new program ReefSearch was launched and piloted.


Sea Turtle Foundation

Having similar conservation goals, Reef Check Australia and the Sea Turtle Foundation provide advice and support to each other.



The University of Queensland Dive Club (UniDive) has many members who are volunteers with Reef Check Australia, they have also hosted information talks by Reef Check and continue to support us.