Reef Monitoring

The Reef Check Australia Fraser Coast project aspires to build on previous and current reef monitoring and research projects that have been undertaken within the Fraser Coast Region. 

Our data indicates that Woongarra Coast sites are dominated by soft coral, while Hervey Bay sites are dominated by hard coral. Surveys in 2017 indicated that these sites are showing some signs of stress, with evidence of coral bleaching, physical damage, marine debris and sedimentation.

Inshore coral reefs within the Great Sandy Marine Park experience a range of pressures including sediment and nutrients loads from flooding and runoff, fishing, anchor damage, aquarium collection and climate change. With only a few key reef sites in the marine park, ensuring the long-term resilience of these reefs is important for sustaining the health of these systems and maintaining opportunities for use.  

The new draft Reef 2050 Water Quality Improvement Plan 2017–2022 highlights several goals relevant to citizen science and community engagement, including incorporating community knowledge contributions for the best available science, engaging in education to help communities understand and act on water quality issues, and fostering partnerships to improve water quality.

We’ll continue to work with local authorities and partners to identify how our data and outreach efforts can best contribute to the improvement plan and help care for local reef environments.

We’re seeking to build a consistent annual monitoring program in this region. 


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