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At last - a free, comprehensive program on coral reefs for Years 4-7

Reef Check Australia has developed an Educational Program for Years 4-7 (although some activities can be adapted for older or younger audiences) tailored to all states' curricula which consists of 2 courses focusing on coral reefs, sustainability and environmental monitoring.

We have created these materials to work towards increasing awareness and engendering behavioural change towards more sustainable practices. We believe it is important to provide young people with the skills, knowledge and capacity to take part in environmental decision-making and conservation.

Cirriculum Links


Classroom Programs

There are two separate courses:

1. Coral Reefs & Sustainability

This course focuses on finding out about coral reefs and the marine animals that inhabit them, exploring the coral reef ecosystem and the different roles of the varied coral reef creatures, and finishes by investigating the concept of sustainability encouraging students to carry out sustainable activities in the school, at home or in the community.

2. Classroom Monitoring for Management

This course explores coral reef management by investigating the threats to coral reefs, introducing students to coral reef monitoring (undertaking stimulated surveys of reefs in the classroom) and looking at ways we can help to protect them. This course encourages students to claim stewardship of Australia's reefs by engaging them in classroom surveys of real (and preferably local) reefs using photocards.

Both courses contain suggested lesson plans with accompanying presentations, fact sheets and activities as well as curriculum links, and printable supporting resources. 

Free Downloads

Download our free materials today and increase your pupils' Reef IQ!

First download the teachers' guide and then choose the resources from each course that you think you'll need.

download teachers' guide Download fact sheets


The full course resources can be downloaded by clicking on the links within the table below. 

Course 1 - Coral Reefs & Sustainability
Course 2 -Coral Reef Monitoring for Management 

Presentation: Coral Reefs and their Marine Families

Presentation: Coral Reef Detective

Presentation: Exploring Reef Food Webs

Presentation: Threats & Dangers to Coral Reefs

Classroom Activities

Classroom Activites


Reef Site Photocards

Download the Coral Reef Photocard sites by clicking on the images below. There are 8 different sites altogether with 40 cards in each, including:

Reefs 1-4: Coral Reef Impact sites
Reef 5: Kelso Reef (plus one missing codes version)
Reef 6: Nelly Bay (plus one missing codes version)
Reef 7: Low Isles (plus one missing codes version)
Reef 8: Opal Reef (plus one missing codes version)

These photocards are for use in conjunction with the Coral Reef Monitoring for Management course (see above).






Get Wet!

We are in the process of developing practical materials that support our Reef IQ Education Program and allow young people to undertake monitoring activities whilst out visiting coral reefs. If you would like to know more about the development of these materials or communicate your needs as a teacher or parent please contact us.

Other Marine Education Materials

There are a number of wonderful free resources on the web available for teachers and parents. Please check out these websites.



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