Everyday Action

Don’t have time to volunteer? Feeling helpless about the fate of our reefs and oceans? Never fear!! There are countless ways for you to help reduce your impact on your local environments. Learn what you can do in your everyday life to help save and preserve our reefs and oceans.

Here’s just a few of the easiest ways to help from your home, school or office. We can all do a little something every day to bring about positive change!

Save Energy!

  • Turn appliances off at the wall when you’re not using them
  • Turn lights off when you leave the room
  • Wash dark clothing in cold water – it keeps the colour in your clothes AND saves energy!
  • Use the washing line rather than a clothes dryer when you can. Your clothes will last longer that way too!
  • Set your fridge temperature to 3-4°C and your freezer to -18°C
  • Set the temperature for a heated room in winter between 18-21°C and for a cooled room in summer between 24-26°C

Reduce Water Consumption!

  • Wash your face/brush your teeth in the shower and save time and water
  • Collect running water whilst waiting for it to “warm up” and use it to water plants, rinse dishes or wash fruits and vegetables
  • Place a cover over your pool when not in use to minimise water evaporation
  • Wash your car using water-free cleaning products. Or wash it on the lawn and do some watering at the same time!!
  • Use a mop and bucket or broom to clean hard surfaces instead of a hose
  • Don’t flush tissues, cigarette butts, sanitary products etc down the toilet. Discard these items in the bin instead

Waste Less!

  • Buy what you need. Minimise food wastage by writing a shopping list and sticking to it. Take into account what you already have in your fridge and pantry
  • Buy fruit and vegetables that are local and in season and at their peak of ripeness, quality and value. This will reduce food-related carbon emissions. Visit Foodwise for more info
  • Bottle your own filtered water instead of buying plastic bottled-water
  • Use your leftovers! Don’t throw leftover food – take it for lunch the next day
  • Let’s go shopping….. but don’t forget your re-useable bags!
  • Enjoy your daily coffee from a keep cup. Lots of places give you a discount for bringing your own cup too!

Be Ecofriendly

  • When you visit the beach, do your bit and Take 3 for the sea – pick up three pieces of rubbish you come across
  • Car pool or take public transport to school or work
  • Buy organic foods when you can – they are grown without pesticides and herbicides which reduce the fertility of the soil and pollute waterways
  • Avoid products containing palm oil. The Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation has a list of palm free alternatives
  • Use eco-friendly cleaning products. You can find them in most supermarkets now!
  • Once a week eat a vegetarian meal. You can find lots of recipes at Vegetarian Times