Emily Gregory

SEQ Coordinator (Casual Hours)

Emily is a marine ecologist with an inherent curiosity in understanding the ecological interactions that occur within our marine environments. Seeking a career in the marine field of applied research, Emily completed her ecology studies and thesis research on the morphology of Australia’s east coast humpbacks. Much of her travels and research since has followed the migrations of baleen whales, through South America, Tonga, Southeast Alaska and the coastlines of Australia.

Having extensive involvement with research projects examining various facets of sustainability in tourism and citizen science has led her to being heavily involved in and passionate about her local citizen-science community. Her involvement with Reef Check Australia allows her to play a larger role in sharing our inextricable link to the ocean and growing a greater appreciation of safeguarding what the natural world and its inhabitants has to offer within her local community.

Proud to be a part of the inspirational RCA crew, Emily is determined to drive Reef Check Australia’s evidence-based reputation and active, solutions-focused stance in the South-East Queensland community.