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"We believe that the Reef IQ project will provide a unique and educationally beneficial teaching and learning experience for students at all stages of learning. There is a great need for resources such as these that provide teachers and other community leaders with valuable, activity-based materials to support the environmental education of young people. This program will provide young people, as future caretakers of the environment, with an enhanced capacity to protect Australia's natural environment." Sheree Bell, Vice-President | Marine Teachers Association of Queensland.

We must ensure our children are equipped to tackle the issue of sustainability.

We have now launched our Reef IQ Educational Program to provide a range of interactive learning experiences for school students and young people in order to increase their knowledge and appreciation of the value of coral reefs to humans. The program also aims to increase their participation in the conservation of these precious natural resources.

Our Reef IQ Educational Program includes courses and workshops that are completely classroom based allowing students to undertake simulated coral reef surveys in an indoor environment. In the future we will also roll out practical activites that support the educational program and that can be carried out in an aquarium as well as in the water on snorkel or scuba for over 12 year olds.

Teachers can now download the complete education program from our "For teachers" area and there's plenty of fun for children on our "For Kids" section of this website! 

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