Course Content

The Reef Check Australia certification aligns with and expands on the global Reef Check method to ensure relevance here in Australia.

The Reef Check Australia course includes classroom theory components and practical field sessions.

  • Theory Component: This will help you learn the basics about coral reef ecology, Reef Check methods, and identification skills. You will be provided with access to the Reef Check Australia online training modules. You'll also have about 3 hours of face time with a trainer prior to your in water training to go over key discussion points & questions, as well as test your identification skills with photos. 
  • Practical sessions: This is your chance to put it into practice! You will undertake 4-6 SCUBA dive or snorkels with one of our experienced trainers to build on identification skills in the real world, practice survey methods and demonstrate your ability to safely collect great data. 

The core Reef Check Australia survey training includes substrate (whats making up the reef), reef health impacts, and invertebrates. There is an additional course module to learn fish identification skills for surveys.