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Marine Citizen Science & Action

So you want to be a part of Reef Check Australia? Check out all the ways that you can help out!


Become a Reef Surveyor

You can contribute to our ongoing research at sites throughout Australia by joining our survey team as a scuba diver or snorkeler.JOIN A TEAM


Become a REEFSearcher

If you want to help us collect data, but want the freedom to do it on your own time, consider participating in the REEFSearch program as a reef walker, snorkeler or scuba diver.REEFSEARCH


Grey Nurse Shark Watch

The Grey Nurse Shark Watch is a great way to contribute data just by taking photos and a bit of information about the grey nurse shark that you spot.



Community Involvement

Community events, exhibitions and clean up days are great ways to save the reef! Become a member and keep up to date with all the happenings through our e-newsletter. Or check out the activity calendar where all upcoming events and surveys are posted. You can also follow us on facebook!



Don't forget to check out other citizen projects in your area.

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