Become a Virtual Diver

August 07, 2018


Coming to a computer screen near you this August................VIRTUAL DIVING!    



Reef Check Australia is part of an amazing new initiative to gather information on the Great Barrier Reef - and we need you to help.

As reported by ABC news, and explained in more detail at this month's Brisbane Coast to Coral talk, brand new technology lets you become a virtual diver to help classify Reef images to contribute to coral cover models for the Great Barrier Reef.

The Virtual Reef Diver project is a collaborative project developed by a team of scientists and researchers. Reef Check Australia provided historic photos to the project, our trained surveyors evaluated the technology with a series of "test runs" and our team provided feedback on the citizen science training elements required. We are proud to be a part of this innovative new project, with phase one running until 31 August.

During this time, participants can view contributed images taken on the Reef and identify and classify the coral cover they see there. You'll be helping scientists to gather valuable data on the Great Barrier Reef, and getting a tour of the underwater environment from your own couch (or wherever you like!) at the same time.
Phase 2 of the project will allow divers and snorkelers to submit their own underwater images for classification - so start digging out those pics!

We're so excited about this project, we're making it our Action of the Month for August. So hop on board the citizen science train today!



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