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Reef Ambassadors are reef role models who actively empower their communities to better understand and help protect marine environments at a local level. The program builds capacity for communities that are informed, engaged and empowered to actively participate in protecting reef health. 

As an Ambassador. you will share your knowledge about reef ecology, key findings from RCA volunteer reef survey teams and marine conservation. You are a role model for the community, helping to spread the word about how people can get involved in our programs and other relevant initiatives to help understand, appreciate and protect reefs and oceans.

Who is a Reef Ambassador?


Want to get involved?

We have launched Ambassador programs for Townsville, Moreton Bay and are launching a Sunshine Coast in mid 2018. Contact us if you want to get involved as a volunteer, or are seeking Ambassadors for an event!

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We are actively seeking to expand this program--contact us to discuss if you want to get involved or if you want to be part of taking this program to the next level and location! 


Check out our Ambassadors in action!

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In 2017, our Ambassadors in Brisbane & Townsville: 

  • Contributed to more than 40 community events helping to get the word out about local reefs and how people can help look after them
  • Helped to launch the Townsville Seaside Scavenge Chapter to seek new ways to connect people to the environmental challenge of marine debris
  • Launched the Coast to Coral monthly talk series in Brisbane, connecting hundreds of local community members to learn about coastal and marine science in the region
  • Started working with social scientist Dr Angela Dean from UQ's Centre of Excellence for Environmental Decisions to develop, deliver and evaluate key messages to implement targeted communications approaches to enhance outcomes


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outcomes Aug 2015-June 2017